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Apple Dip Plate

This hand built apple chip and dip plate can be used in the traditional manner for chips or it can be used to serve delicious apple dip and apple slices.  Easy apple dip (recipe included) is a hit at every gathering.  This dip has a caramel taste and uses cream cheese and brickle bits. 

Approx. size: 10” x10”

Price: $30.00 

Apple Pie Plate
This plate does not have the divider for the apple dip.  Great for baking apple pies or apple crisp.  Recipe for apple dip included.  You can also use this dish for apples and the apple bowl below for dip for larger gatherings.

Price: $28.00 

Apple Dip Bowl

This bowl is about the size of a cereal bowl and is perfect for apple dip (recipe included) individual baked apples, or decorating with an apple theme.
Pair with the Apple Pie Plate for crowds that need a larger batch of apple dip.

Approx. size: 6-7”

Price:  $17.00 

Apple Baker

This bowl is about the size of a cereal bowl with a post for the center of the apple to slide over.  Fill the center of the apple with butter, brown sugar, raisins, nuts and marshmellows (recipe included)  for a wonderful baked apple treat.

Approx. size: 6-7”

Price:  $17.00