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Ladybug          “You are Inscribed         Horse
       in the palm of 
     his hand “  

Angel Mug
This mug has a ribbon for cancer survivors 
in the center of the angel.  
Also available without the ribbon.

Chocolate lover’s mug in lime green reads…
All you need in life is a friend that has chocolate.  
It also has a chocolate chip at the base of the saying.


Available in most designs we carry.  Shown above are lime green chocolate lovers mug, green frog, shell, green dragonfly, and coffee lover’s mug.

Mugs are also available with the following sayings:

I'm retired, go around me...also has picture of a resting woman

They lived happily ever after and then they had to go to work.

Count the Happies

You are Inscribed in the palm of His hand.

With God, anything is possible.




It's a good day if you didn't hit or bite anyone.

I may not know my numbers, but grandma is number one.