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Early Bird Pots
This fun piece of pottery is great 
for candy, pencils, utensils, etc.  
The bird is always searching 
for that worm!  
Pot shape and size varies depending on my mood!  
Small pencil holder size   $20
Candy dish size                 $25

Multi Use Holders

We have sold these cute little business card holders for several years.  We have also learned that they will hold sponges on your sink and bars of soap.  Many of our customers have purchased them for eye glass rests.  So many uses for such small guys!  Designs available are: dogwood, turtle, frog (brown and tan base colors), olive design (green or cream base colors), hummingbird, seashells.
Not shown:  ladybut, dolphin, butterfly

Specify design and color if a choice is given.

Approx.  3 1/2" long              Price:    $10