Life Lesson Medallions       J. Chapman Pottery
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Each medallion has a different “life lesson”.  They measure 
2 1/2 “ in diameter.  
Great as a 
small gift or remembrance for friends, 
co-workers and teachers. 
Each has a cardstock tag with a saying specific to the design.  
Specify design when ordering.   $5 each

Turtle (back)

The turtle lives its life within 
a shell.  He may choose to 
stay safe inside his shell or to 
venture out and risk all to find 
food, travel about and 
experience life.  Without taking 
a risk, he would surely 
shrivel and die. 
Life is short. 
Take the risk.

Butterfly (back)

The butterfly is symbolic
of the transformation that
takes place as God releases
us from our cocoon of sin.
As we spread our wings, 
we become a beautiful testimony
to God’s love, power
and grace.
John 3:16

This design has 2 pages.
Hummer Page 1:
I was privileged to hold one of God’s smallest miracles in the palm of my hand.  I marveled at the strength and power of its tiny pounding heart. As I released it, the tiny bird flew straight to its nest, never losing its direction or purpose. 

When it comes to matters of the heart, expect miracles.

    Hummer Page 2:
Hummer Facts:
Weight: 1/10th oz.
Length: approx. 4 in.
Flies in all directions, inc. upside down, 25-60 mph
Wings beat 22-72 times/sec.
Life span: 5-12 yrs.
Migrates up to 2,000 miles/yr.
Feed every 10 minutes 
Visits 1,000 flowers/day+ insects
Heart rate: 1,260 beats/min., slows to 84 beats at night to conserve energy

Dragonfly (back)

The dragonfly is a 
symbol of strength, courage,
success and victory.  They must adapt
from life in the water to life in the air.
Their agile wings are beautifully adapted
for flight, allowing them to hover, fly 
forwards, backwards, sideways, and to 
rapidly  change direction and 
speed of flight.
In life, we must always
be ready to adapt to
our circumstances.

Angel (back)

Angels spread their 
​wings to cover us in our 
difficult times of need and to show us their love.
Thank you for being
my angel.​

Horse (back)

Do not choose the path well traveled, but choose to blaze 
your own trail.

Bluebird (not shown)

 I’ve learned that happiness 
can be found in the choices we make and in the turns our lives take because of 
those choices.  
Happiness is found when we share our lives with family and friends or reach out to others with a smile 
or kind word. 
May you find your 
bluebird of happiness 
in life’s simple pleasures.

The Legend of the Dogwood 

In Jesus' time, the dogwood grew to a stately 
size and a lovely hue.  'Twas strong & firm it's 
branches interwoven, for the cross of Christ its 
timbers were chosen.  Seeing the distress at this 
use of their wood, Christ made a promise which still 
holds good: "Never again shall the dogwood grow 
large enough to be used so. Slender & twisted, it shall 
be with blossoms like the cross for all to see.
As blood stains the petals marked in brown 
The blossom's center wears a thorny crown.
All who see it will remember me 
Crucified on a cross from the dogwood tree.
Cherished and protected this tree shall be 
A reminder to all of my agony."

Frog (back)

Fully  Rely On God

Also available:
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Bumblebee with a message about doing the impossible and not letting others define your capabilities
Ladybug with message about luck and love
Resurrection Fern with description of the fern and symbolism to the Resurrection
Sea Turtle with a message about perseverance in difficult situations
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