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Angel Doily Plate

The design on this plate  looks like tiny angels.
Medium plate     $25
Large plate         $35

Also available in blue, green and black

Salsa dishes 

White Floral Doily Plate

This plate is fully glazed. 
Our white salsa dish goes 
well with this plate.

Also available in blue, green and black.   

10 1/2” in diameter     $25
Salsa dish            $5

Note:  Plates with exposed natural clay areas are not food safe for wet foods.  Can be used for cookies, crackers, chips, etc.  All dishes with glazed areas are food safe for all kinds of foods.

Floral Cracker Tray

Lime green stamped flowers decorate this cracker tray.  A lime green salsa dish completes the setting. (Tan salsa dish can also be used - shown in photo) 
Size: 14 1/2"x 7"0

Lime Green Floral Tray      $25
Lime or Tan Salsa Dish   $5 ea.
Doily Wall Pockets

These wall pockets are fully glazed inside and can be used for fresh or silk ivy or flowers.  They can also be used to 
hang by the phone for a pen 
and notepad.  

Available in black, white, green, blue and brown.

Price:  $12