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Dogwood Birdhouse

This adorable dogwood birdhouse is available with a blue or green base and your choice of pink or white 
dogwood flowers. 

The roof has a battenburg lace design. 
This birdhouse comes with a chain for hanging outdoors.  Perches are now made of pottery instead of wood for extended durability.

If requested, birdhouses may also be made without the hanging chain for collectors that wish to sit them on a shelf.    

Price: $35

Our small birdhouses shown here come in a almost all of our designs.  
The Olive design and Home Tweet Home are shown above.  My favorite designs for the birdhouses and feeders are: Calla Lily, Maple Leaf, Ladybug, Morning Glory, Dogwood, Olive, Red Frog, and Green Dragonfly.

The bird feeder shown on the right is also available in most designs.  It comes with a plastic container and hanging rod.  Container shape may vary slightly depending on Walmart’s current supply!  The container can be easily replaced if you have a problem with squirrels. 
Squirrels can not damage pottery components.

Designs available for feeders and bird houses are: 
red frog, green frog, butterfly, morning glory, maple leaf (choice of green, black or blue), dogwood, green or white dragonfly, calla lily, turtle, sea turtle, and brown frog. 

These designs can be seen on other pages on other pottery items.  
Specify design and size when ordering. 

Birdhouses will be made with a hanging chain unless otherwise specified. 
Wooden perch shown will be replaced with a new pottery perch design 
which will enhance the overall appearance of the design. 
Photos of the new perch were not available at the time of website development.

Small birdhouse…$25
Large birdhouse....$30
Bird Feeder………$30