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Oil Lamps
I was asked to make these little lamps by someone that had researched lamps from biblical days.  The plain lamp design was determined to be similar to those used during that time. Candle wicks are included.  I use a smokeless parafin lamp oil that I found at Walmart.  Oil is not included due to shipping regulations.

A modern day spin is seen in the rooster lamp and in the Heartburn Man lamp.  Can’t you just see the flames coming out of his mouth!  His eyes are bulging and his hands are against his face and tummy.  Fun for Mexican cuisine or sitting next to your bottle of Texas Pete!  

Size range:  4"-7"
Group a variety of sizes to create interest.

Two tone lamps… specify color: tan/blue, tan/brown, tan/green …$18 ea.

Rooster and Heartburn Man…..$20 ea.

Diffuser Vases
We can create vases like the 7" frog vase shown above to use with your favorite scented diffuser oils and reeds (not included).  
The majority of our designs can be placed on your vase to match your home décor.  
Price varies with designs.   Specify design.

Price range is $20-$25

Heartburn Man         Two Tone Designs               Rooster